Control technology is used to network the control loops in refrigeration systems and to manage the complex interaction characteristic of such systems. Next to temperature control, the E*LDS system is responsible for energy efficiency and safety. The modular design is the basis for a flexible system planning.

From the case controller to the system centre

The E*LDS comprises hardware and software for the refrigeration technology used in the automation of refrigeration systems, refrigerated cabinets and cold rooms.

Networked control solutions for refrigeration

Overview of the E*LDS system: Mean functions for refrigeration system and building management
Overview of the E*LDS system: Mean functions for refrigeration system and building management

The networking of all components via the robust CAN bus offers convenient options for the operating, monitoring and remote maintenance of refrigeration, whether for supermarket, cold storage warehouse or industrial purposes.

The pack controller is used to control, amongst other things, the compressor pack and the condenser for refrigeration. The spectrum of the E*LDS also includes case controllers for the thermostatic and electronic expansion valves used for the precise temperature control of refrigerated cabinets and cold rooms of all kinds.

The components are operated via the system centre in the engine room or via an operator terminal that can be placed in the store’s management office. Individual refrigeration cabinets are adjusted via operator interfaces. Their mobile version has long been a well-proven partner for refrigeration engineers in the parameterisation of case controllers and service operations.

Operating and monitoring software

Intuitive and individual visualisations for refrigeration systems
Intuitive and individual visualisations for refrigeration systems

The monitoring software LDSWin allows for the convenient automation of many tasks via notebook or PC. These include, for instance, parameterisation as well as operating and monitoring of all system components, visualisation, archiving and documentation of operating data or the creation of 24-hour temperature lists for the fulfilment of the HACCP guideline. Moreover, LDSWin offers a wide variety of remote maintenance and control functions via modem and/or data transmission or LAN gateways.

Safety and maintenance

All components stand out for their reliable operation and for intelligent emergency operating features including automatic early detection. Problems are detected prior to the actual fault due to the support by the system centre. As a result, the risk of stock losses is minimised beforehand. Cost-intensive emergency services can be avoided by prompt remote interventions from the service centre.

Temperature control with wireless sensors

Modern quality management in supermarkets is supported by temperature measurement with wireless temperature sensors.

The E*LDS system conveniently automates temperature documentation in accordance with the HACCP concept.

The system is rounded off with a wide spectrum of refrigeration accessories, ranging from (calibrated) temperature sensors and pressure transmitters to repeaters for signal amplification in complex systems or for remote CAN bus components.

  • Pack and case controllers for refrigeration systems in food product markets, the food industry and retail food trade
  • Safe networking of all components via CAN bus
  • Convenient operation via system centre, operator terminals, PC software or online
  • Support of modern energy and quality management