Winegrowers are increasingly using cold fermentation techniques to produce wines with rich and fruity bouquets. Fermentation control enables winegrowers to control the fermentation (or tertiary) bouquet, for which the precise temperature control of the fermentation process is indispensable.

Cold fermentation for winegrowers

Refrigeration in wine production

In the past few years, Eckelmann has fitted out several winegrowers in Rhenish Hesse and the Rheingau with its proprietary E*LDS electronic control system for temperature-controlled fermentation. In these projects, automatic refrigeration systems for 28 fermentation tanks with a total volume of 6,000 to 15,000 litres of must were installed.

Fermentation control for aroma-enhancing cold fermentation

Fermentation tanks for temperature-controlled fermentation
Fermentation tanks for temperature-controlled fermentation

The temperature in the fermentation tanks is continually monitored with temperature sensors and adjusted to a predefined nominal value of 13-17° C. Compact inexpensive temperature controllers from the E*LDS range ensure the precise control of the fermentation temperature.

With the aid of a central computer or a PC, the winegrower always has the opportunity to monitor and adjust the fermentation process and temperature behaviour of all fermentation tanks. The systems were implemented with water chillers precisely designed to meet the winegrower’s requirements. The heat generated during fermentation is transferred via a heat exchanger (stainless steel cooling plates).

Inexpensive solutions with mature technology

The UA 30 RS compact case controller
The UA 30 RS compact case controller

Eckelmann’s control systems for cold fermentation benefit from modularity and matured technology, because refrigeration controllers from Eckelmann have been developed over the years and proved successful in many applications for commercial and industrial refrigeration.

  • Precise fermentation control with a well-proven control system
  • Inexpensive temperature controller for cold fermentation
  • Convenient control of fermentation process due to mature monitoring software
  • Complete project planning from water chiller and heat exchanger to control technology


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