Switch your refrigeration systems to IP communication and use Eckelmann's convenient IP VPN services – complete one-stop service for: refrigeration engineers & services, market operators, retail chains, remote maintenance centers and emergency services.

IP VPN services for refrigeration systems

The E*LDS system control center Virtus 5 with ethernet/LAN-interface allows modern IP-based remote monitoring of refrigeration systems possible. Existing installations with CI 3000, which in Germany can only be monitored by remote until 2018 through Telekom analog lines/ISDN –lines, can be easily modernized with Virtus 5.

With modern information- and communication technology you can profit today and in the future from the new possibilities offered by digitalization. Already today, large volume of data can be transferred in short periods of time, in order to further process it, for instance, in LDSWin or LDSWeb. Future web solutions and services by Eckelmann regarding IoT and industry 4.0 will operate on this platform and accompany you into the digital future.

We would like to provide you with more information regarding secure IP-connection via  VPN tunnel, whether it is in direct or in more complex network infrastructures. Or you simply use the secure and highly available VPN infrastructure of Eckelmann AG and connect your facility with ours.

System centre Virtus 5 with intuitive touch operation and many features, with intelligent load management, clear display of tables with all alarms and technical incidents, a 24h-temperature list, diverse graphical analyses, etc.
System Centre Virtus 5

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