Case controllers can be easily operated and parameterised with the operator interfaces of the BT 300 range. The operator interface is available in four versions – for installation in the switch cabinet door, for mounting in refrigerated cabinets, as integral part of the case controller and as the BT 300 M mobile service device.

Convenient operator interfaces for case controllers

The BT 300 operator interfaces are designed for parameterising case controllers and for displaying the temperature of the refrigeration point on site. All operator interfaces function in a similar way.

Operator interface BT 300 M for on-the-spot service
Operator interface BT 300 M for on-the-spot service

The operator interfaces are used, for instance, for refrigeration point diagnostics and/or fault detection. For this purpose, the fault memory of the case controller can be read out. Similarly, actual values and setpoints can be checked. The setpoint change can be disabled to protect setpoints against unauthorised modification.

There are four buttons for navigating through the clearly arranged menu and for quickly making necessary adjustments to the settings. A clear text display is used as output medium.

Operator interface in service

The mobile BT 300 M operator interface has proven its service functions many times over and is valued by refrigeration engineers. Due to its robust metal housing, it is qualified to meet tough requirements. A 3m connection cable allows for an extremely flexible use of the BT 300 M operator interface.

Temperature display for refrigerated cabinets

BT 30 – temperature and status display for refrigeration points
BT 30 – temperature and status display for refrigeration points

For the mere on-site display of refrigerated cabinet temperature and status, the BT 30 can be used – also for the display of potential alerts. Up to four BT 30s can be connected to any of the UA 300 case controllers.

Operator interface & Application
BT 300 M Service / customer service
BT 300 S Panel mounting
BT 30 Temperature display Actual temperature display in connection with UA 300 case controller for any refrigerated cabinet element/cold room

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