The adaptation of a refrigeration system’s control technology to its configuration and operating conditions is not an easy task. ECKELMANN provides comprehensive consulting for engineers, designers and operators of refrigeration systems from the project planning stage to the commissioning.

Services and consulting

At Eckelmann, a competent team of refrigeration, technical and mechanical engineers provides advice and consulting services, whether in the planning of a new refrigeration system or the modernisation of an existing one, or in special refrigeration and building control solutions.

We accompany your projects from the planning to the commissioning or optimisation of your refrigeration system and create detailed tender documents and specifications for them. In modernisation projects, Eckelmann analyses the existing system and, together with the respective refrigeration engineer, draws up solution strategies to increase energy efficiency.

For many years, Eckelmann has been a sought-after partner in the implementation of innovative solutions – for instance, when it comes to combining refrigeration with heat recovery and geothermal energy.

Support in commissioning

In the commissioning of refrigeration and building management systems, we support refrigeration engineers on site or via network.

Refrigeration systems do not usually function to perfection when they are first brought into use. Subsequent optimisation is therefore a task of significant importance. With Eckelmann, operators and refrigeration engineers are not left alone to deal with it. Via network, we can dial up into the system under LDSWin and modify control parameters at any moment. Thanks to long years of experience, we will find the cause of the fault and assist you in fixing it promptly.

Reliable statements on a system’s energy efficiency can, in principle, not be made until the end of the first year of operation. Eckelmann consults its customers through efficiency analyses with the LDSWeb web application.

Understanding refrigeration and building management systems

We will come to you to explain the E*LDS system
We will come to you to explain the E*LDS system

For refrigeration engineers to use the E*LDS control system efficiently, they need to be thoroughly familiar with its technology and functions. Our services therefore include a practice-oriented and up-to-date documentation and individualised training offers for refrigeration engineers.

No matter how modern and innovative refrigeration and building control engineering has become, a lot of its potential goes to waste if store managers and staff do not receive competent instruction. Eckelmann, for this reason, provides support in the introduction of the technology – e.g. in food products markets – and thus dispels possible fears of contact.

Switch cabinets and electrical accessories

The planning of electrical systems and switch cabinet construction are services often spun off by refrigeration engineers. Eckelmann plans, designs and constructs turnkey refrigeration switch cabinets in accordance with customer requirements and also provides the complete parameterisation. The use of pre-configured and tested switch cabinets makes the commissioning process more straightforward.

The commissioning process is made quicker and safer through the use of electrical accessories with case controller and control box for the decentralised control of refrigerated cabinets. Eckelmann manufactures customised electrical accessories for refrigeration engineers and refrigerated cabinet producers – also in small quantities. Controllers from other manufacturers can also be installed.

  • Expert consulting, planning and optimisation of refrigeration systems
  • Qualified quotes for components, electrical accessories and switch cabinets
  • On-site commissioning and online support
  • Practice-oriented documentation and training courses for refrigeration technicians and staff