Virtus LINE

The system for the digitalisation of refrigeration technology

Eckelmann switches to the Virtus LINE. With every additional smart component and continuous software updates, operating companies and refrigeration specialists are gradually benefiting from the new possibilities provided by digitalisation.

Modularity, scalability and IoT connectivity are key features of the Virtus LINE.

Virtus LINE at a glance:

How can I switch to the Virtus LINE?

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Virtus 5 is backwards compatible with older E*LDS components. Existing installations can therefore easily migrate to the more powerful Virtus 5 platform. This gives operating companies investment security and at the same time allows them to benefit from the rapid technological developments of the coming years - from digitalisation to Industry 4.0 & IoT and the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Eckelmann also provides a software-only upgrade (CI 5x00) for the CI 4x00 family system centre. This also opens up a cost-optimised way for older existing installations to benefit from the new web-based operating concept with Virtus Caelum and to be linked to modern cloud or IoT applications. In this way, refrigeration specialists and operating companies can gradually switch over to the new uniform web operating concept for existing systems, although the extended range of functions and excellent performance of the new Virtus 5 cannot be achieved on the old hardware platform.

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