Virtus Caelum

Digital solutions for refrigeration and building automation

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With Eckelmann's digital services, you increase process efficiency and can provide even better customer service. Entdecken Sie jetzt Virtus Caelum im Bosch.IO Retail Service Dashboard und steigen Sie ein in die Kältetechnik 4.0: -> Übersetzung fehlt

  • Virtus Basic Desk for the monitoring and remote maintenance of Virtus systems
  • Virtus Alarm Desk for advanced fault management – centrally, across locations and manufacturers

The Bosch.IO Retail Service Dashboard is an innovative cloud application for retail. It permits a manufacturer-independent networking of all stakeholders for more innovation, transparency and competition.

The Virtus Caelum apps from Eckelmann open up entirely new possibilities for the digitalisation of remote service and are openly scalable for future services – from predictive maintenance to the AI-based performance booster, to sustainably increase the energy efficiency of refrigeration pack systems.

We would be happy to advise you about Virtus LINE and show you the Virtus Caelum cloud services in a live demo.

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