The Virtus 5 is a quantum leap for refrigeration technology. It is your gateway to the networking and digitalization of refrigeration systems in retail, industrial and commercial refrigeration. With the Eckelmann system centre, operators, refrigeration specialists and remote maintenance stations are equipped for the future and will gradually profit from future IoT cloud solutions!

System Centre Virtus 5

With the Virtus 5, refrigeration specialists have a long-term solution at their disposal for the operation, diagnosis and monitoring of E*LDS systems. Discover innovative features for the reliable and energy-efficient operation of refrigeration systems. Like E*LDS users throughout Europe, you too can rely on our many years of experience in the management of sophisticated refrigeration systems.

System centre Virtus 5
System Centre Virtus 5
  • Basic or extended version (for 2 CAN bus segments with repeater function)
  • Modern web interface
  • Smooth touch control
  • Online firmware updates with regular new features and functions
  • Convenient USB interface (master / slave) for technicians
  • 2 Ethernet interfaces
  • Ready to use IoT cloud platform
  • Compact design that saves space in the control cabinet
Virtus 5 web interface with online firmware updates
Virtus 5 web interface with online firmware updates

Continuity: downward compatibility

As a functional replacement and spare part compatible replacement for the CI 4x00, the Virtus 5 naturally also supports all proven extended E*LDS features, such as the simple integration of energy and consumption meters via S0 or M-Bus and the option of configuring time switch clocks conveniently implemented with SIOX expansion modules.

Overview of the main functions of Virtus 5

  • E*LDS system management
  • Fast access to the parameters of all E*LDS system components
  • Practical diagnostic functions
  • Smart alarm functions and e-mail or voicemail notification
  • Automated HACCP reports (24-hour temperature lists)
  • Time management via time switches (expandable with SIOX modules)
  • Easy integration of meters for heat, gas/oil, water and electricity
  • Energy and consumption data recording (S0 & M-Bus)
  • Energy monitoring and reporting
  • Energy and load management across all subsystems in buildings
  • Building management system (BMS) integrable via DDC interface, e.g. for heat recovery
  • Precise authorization system for high IT security
Virtus 5 web interface with a component overview
Virtus 5 web interface with a component overview