Eckelmann AG and Ferrocontrol Steuerungssysteme GmbH & Co. KG not only deliver turnkey automation solutions, but also offer their customers relief by providing services in electronics development and manufacture, software development and in the switch cabinet construction sector.

Comprehensive engineering services in electrical automation

As a development and production partner, we offer services in all areas of electrical automation. Our customers in the innovative machine and plant engineering sector have relied on these competencies for more than 35 years.

A competent and experienced consultant

Our project planning services are centred on competence and many years of experience in application-specific and state-of-the-art technology. The clearly-defined progression of projects is guaranteed by skilled and quality-oriented methods of implementation. As a special service, Eckelmann AG offers:

  • Consulting and auditing for the development and production of medical products (EN ISO 13485:2016)

Hardware and software development

In particular, Eckelmann and Ferrocontrol provide their customers in the machine and plant engineering sector with:

For customers in the mechanical engineering sector, Eckelmann and Ferrocontrol Steuerungssysteme manufacture proprietary products in the drive and control technology field. However, we also offer OEM partnerships for hardware and software development and serial productions.

For its customers in the plant engineering sector, Eckelmann as a manufacturer-independent systems integrator chooses the appropriate automation platform from the standards available in the market. This includes drive and control technology, software and HMI solutions for operating & monitoring.

For its customers in the medical technology sector Eckelmann provides development and manufacturing of medical large scale facilities and medical devices conforming to standards.


  • Commissioning, maintenance and servicing worldwide
  • On-site training and documentation in accordance with legal standards
  • Pro-active product life cycle management

Service depth tailored to suit customers' needs

The amount of services used depends entirely on the customer’s needs and on the existing structural conditions in terms of mechanical and plant engineering. Individual differences may occur.

  • Complete solutions for machine automation comprising hardware, firmware and application software (where necessary)
  • OEM solutions for mechanical engineering, provided by the electronics industry
  • Pure software development for current PLC or data base applications
  • Construction of electrical systems and switch cabinets either as integral components or as service only
  • Consulting and auditing services in the legally regulated area of medical products
  • Development and manufacturing devices for medical devices or components for medical technology

Dipl.-Ing. Peter Frankenbach, Sprecher des Vorstands