Our portfolio as electronics service provider and supplier comprises the development of boards, PCB layouts, prototype creation, series production, global procurement logistics, availability management, redesigning and after sales services.

From idea to series product

Security for the future

An automation partner needs to anticipate significant developments in electronics and, in the engineering, provide for standard technologies and an open system design. The short innovation cycles characteristic of the electronics sector require forward-thinking. Due to their open design and the use of standard technologies, the products and OEM solutions from Eckelmann and Ferrocontrol Steuerungssysteme are prepared for the demands and technological possibilities of the future. Besides always up-to-date know-how in automation technology and electronics, a rich applications experience in various industries is needed for this.

Our certified quality management according DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and EN ISO 13485:2016 assures development, manufacturing and documentation processes conforming to standards.

Quality-oriented hardware development

We are development partners from the layout to the pre-series production device:

  • Suitable microcontrollers, integrated circuits, connections
  • Optimal price-performance ratio
  • Many years of experience with embedded controllers
  • Optimised connections with operator terminals or PCs
  • State-of-the-art analogue and measurement technology
  • Integrated network and fieldbus connections
  • Adaptation to customers` design rules
  • EMC compliant layout

Manufacture to certified quality standards

In series production, we offer our customers reliable just-in-time delivery inclusive of availability management:

  • Monitoring of parts availability
  • SMD production and THT placement
  • Low unit costs through SMD placement in shift operation
  • Prototype manufacture, pre-series and series production, small and large batch production
  • Final assembly and functional test according to GMP /GAMP
  • Provisioning of standard components and critical parts
  • Monitoring of discontinuations and customer information service

Design for Testability and Manufacturing

Quality assurance is supported through the consistent design for testability and manufacturing and the close proximity and dovetailing of development, manufacture and testing. Design for testability and manufacturing guarantees products of the highest-quality products and low production costs. The active pursuit of a continuous improvement process (CIP) is an integral part of our quality management.

  • EMC test and CE certification
  • In-Circuit tester, even in small quantities
  • 24-hour heat test, climatic text (temperature/atmospheric humidity)
  • Regular quality audits

Dr.-Ing. Marco Münchhof, Vorstand

Dr.-Ing. Marco Münchhof
Tel.: +49 611 7103-0