Eckelmann and Ferrocontrol Steuerungssysteme relieve their customers by assuming responsibility for the software engineering in automation projects for mechanical and plant engineering as well as for medical technology.

Software development: special services and complete solutions

Whether you wish to spin off the complete software development or, as part of an extended team, rely on the experience of a long-standing automation partner, we are skilled in the automation of machines and plants and bring extensive expertise from a wide variety of industries to new projects – with guaranteed full protection of know-how.

Quality-oriented software development for machine automation

Design of a complex sequence control with StateCase
Design of a complex sequence control with StateCase
  • Firmware for tailored solutions with standardised interfaces for the programming of applications
  • Programming according to IEC 61131-3
  • Use of model-based software development tools and technologies
  • Programming languages including C, Delphi and Java HMI and applications development as service for clients

Quality-oriented programming for plant automation

Design of a complex sequence control with StateCase
Design of a complex sequence control with StateCase
  • Programming for all customary PLCmotion controlmultiprocessor systemsPC-based automation, PC-based automation for plants and machines
  • Proprietary StateCase programming tool for transparent programming of complex sequence controls
  • Software development for database applications
  • Visualisation and control system programming for all standard systems available in the market
  • Use of model-based software development tools and technologies

Quality-oriented software development for medical technology

  • Customized software design and GUI development for PC and embedded µC, SBC, and FPGA platforms
  • Coding under C, C++, C#, Java, Delphi and Oracle
  • Development and documentation processes according to IEC 62304
  • Execution of risk analysis according EN ISO 14971 and derivation and implementation of appropriate measures

Generating quality, governing complexity

The right frontloading is pivotal to software engineering for complex machines and systems. Eckelmann’s engineers are experts in structured and comprehensive requirements analyses.

Engineering according to the V-model presupposes a meticulous requirements analysis. Since, in project management according to the V-model, development process and quality management form an inseparable unit, the companies of Eckelmann Gruppe in this context also speak of quality-oriented development. But there are cases where agile development processes fit best – for instance, in the design of operator interfaces (HMI) or where subsequent change requests need to be taken into consideration.

The consistent implementation of quality-oriented development methods enables Eckelmann AG to operate successfully and so as to meet the highest quality standards even in challenging areas of application such as medical technology or the automation of printing machines. State-of-the-art modelling and development tools such as the proprietary StateCase graphical tool for the design of complex sequence controls (see downloads) are employed in all project phases. We thus ensure on-schedule and high-quality work results.


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