Do you operate a vintage machine with Ferrocontrol resp. Eckelmann FCS technolo­gy, and require spares and repair services? The machine ma­nufacturer no longer provides support? In this case, our quick repair service is exactly what you are looking for.

Your support at Eckelmann FCS (former Ferrocontrol). Welcome!

Your support at Eckelmann FCS (former Ferrocontrol). Welcome!

Service hotline +49 5221 966-200
Availability Mondays - Fridays 6:00 - 21:00 h
Saturdays 8:00 - 12:00 h
The smallest modular control system (KMS) by Ferrocontrol, consisting of CNC fieldbus components and operating panel.

The following table provides some exam­ples:

Components Product lines
(Servo-)Motors MAC, FMD, FMR
Servo drives Ferrocontrol DARC-S, DARC-A, DARC-R, SVR50, TRL150, WKS
Servo drives lndramat TVM, KDV, KDFS, TDM
Absolute encoders WK-EN encoders/absolute shaft encoders
Controller technology Control system MAG 21, MAG 10, MAG 6, controller Z 80
Fieldbus systems ABUS fieldbus with all compo­nents such as FBSR, FBK, FBIR, FBUR
lndustrial PC FIPC (various product lines)

Which components do you require? We look forward to your in­quiry.

An MAG21 from the MAG 10-42 series of modular automation devices.

40 years of trustworthy automation with Ferrocontrol

lf you operate a machine by one of the following manufacturers, the control cabinet will most probably contain Ferrocontrol tech­nology:

Furniture industry MAW, Nottmeyer (QDB, LDB, drilling machines, fittings mounting machines), RWG, Hüllhorst (worktop saw), Mei­nert, Systraplan
Glass industry Laser (Ladycut, Lolacut)
Wooden windows construc­tion Harbs, Gubisch (machines for wooden windows DZG)
Plastic windows construction Lemuth, Haffner, FMB, RWG, ACTUAL (APH, A-400, Ecocut)

We are familiar with all machine types. We offer both hardware and software support, and our service team is available, 6 days a week, to support you in maintaining and repairing your machines - by phone and on site.

Retrofit, or a second life for your vintage machine

On top of that, we offer retro­fitting for our drive, con­trol, and IPC technology.
Modernising our components will enhance the sustainability of your machine operations:

  • more energy efficiency and productivity
  • easier operation
  • modern safety concepts (Functional Safety)
  • increased machinery uptime
  • extended machine life

The advantages of retrofitting are obvious: In many cases, the mechanics of a vintage machine are in good condition, while the electronics are no longer up-to-date. Upgrading the electronics and/or software may grant many machines a highly productive "second life".

lndustrial PCs of the FIPC series have been in use for many generations of devices.