By TeamViewer we are able to set up a connection to your PC via internet and thus control remotely, as if we were sitting right in front of it. The only basic requirement is that you have an internet access and TeamViewer has been started on your computer.

TeamViewer - quick solution via remote servicing

How does TeamViewer work?

TeamViewer Quick Support
TeamViewer Quick Support

TeamViewer is a desktop sharing software. In order to establish a connection via TeamViewer, this software has to be started on your computer as well as on our service computer. For the connection setup we need your TeamViewer identification number (ID), which is displayed on TeamViewer. The use of TeamViewer does not require any alterations of your firewall settings.

TeamViewer is suitable for:

  • Trouble shooting
  • Bug fix
  • Demonstration

Download and activation TeamViewer

Please download this programme here, no installation required:

Please start the programme 'TeamViewerQS_de.exe' and advise us of your identification number (ID) by phone.

Now, sit back and watch what we do for you.


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