Digital solutions for production environments

Dr.-Ing. Johannes Stelter

+49 611 7103-243

What benefits does FactoryWare bring?

  • IT/OT integration solution from a single source
  • Process reliability through industry expertise and proven technology
  • Increased productivity and cost efficiency
  • Flexibility and scalability 

Why is FactoryWare unique?

FactoryWare is the result of 40 years of experience in the automation of machines and plants and the systematic and benefit-oriented extraction and integration of future-oriented technologies. FactoryWare's DNA contains all genes that have proven themselves in previous stages of evolution. 

The focus is clearly on the reliable, safe and efficient management of manufacturing processes. These basic properties have been supplemented with features and capabilities that will significantly increase the transparency, autonomy and intuitive usability of future solutions.

Open interfaces in all directions allow an efficient integration into existing and future infrastructures. FactoryWare is thus the pioneer for IT/OT integration.