For more than 20 years, Eckelmann AG has made its complete range of services available to the printing industry. With its thorough experience, particularly in control engineering and logistics automation, Eckelmann gives printing machine manufacturers a decisive edge in innovation.

Print and paper

Spectrum of applications

  • Customised controllers for ink zone and side registers
  • Motion control solution for label printing machine
  • Automation for offset blanket washing system
  • Controllers for horizontal and vertical gluing with customised fieldbus modules
  • Sheet feeder controllers
  • Controllers for sheet & web offset and flexo printing units

Motion control goes to print

The construction of printing machines has seen an innovation boom in recent years. A major impetus for this is the introduction of motion control from the field of control engineering. Essentially, it is about electronically synchronising and coordinating all drives of a printing machine.

Motion control replaces the mechanical synchronisation of shafts, e.g. by means of a line shaft. The new control concepts ultimately enable the functional modularisation of printing machines. Connection to a higher-level central control is facilitated.

Flexibility of operator guidance in printing machines is increased considerably and change-over times are reduced to a minimum, thus improving the cost-effectiveness of the machine.

Vertical gluing in a folding apparatus