Automation which makes shavings fly

Convenient operator control panel

Operator control panel for double mitre sawThe structure of the graphic user interface (GUI) is easy to operate and tailored to meet the sector-specific requirements. The operator is optimally supported at all major steps of the procedure. The panel PCs are equipped with order and profile management. All current import formats are available. In addition, the applications have online capability, and with it, the basis for an efficient residue management and order optimisation.

The controllers support chop, transom and compound cutting. Of particular convenience is the standard function for pusher and double cutting. Excess and short length functions are also built in. Label printing can be freely configured, and barcode readers, naturally connected.

Operator control panel for double mitre saw

Embedded controllers & fieldbus components

For the safety of process control, the embedded controllers are fitted with a built-in self-monitoring device. Peripheral modular technology allows for controllers and fieldbus components to be wired easily.

Highly dynamic servo drives

The AC and DC servo drives allow for the cost-conscious realisation of drive solutions with highly dynamic machine axes. The servo drives can easily be incorporated into the fieldbus system.

Development with modern tools

The controllers are freely programmable (according to IEC 661131-3). CODESYS is available as a modern development environment. In all this, it is possible to employ ready-made programme modules that can be quickly adjusted to the specific requirements in a top-down process.

The sector-specific software library includes a broad spectrum of standard solutions for various sawing functions. Mechanical engineers can independently modify and extend the control at any time. An interface for the communication between PLC and PC is available.

  • Flexible control and drive systems for the automation of saws
  • Sector-specific user interface
  • Comprehensive programme library for sawing
  • Freely programmable with CODESYS