As a system partner of manroland AG, the leading manufacturer of rotary printing machines, Eckelmann AG supplies the entire control and material flow system for the paper reel logistics of newspaper printers.

Quick reel changes: paper reel logistics

AUROport: reel and pallet transport
AUROport: reel and pallet transport

The efficient and reliable paper supply for newspaper printing machines places considerable logistic demands on the design and implementation of paper reel warehouses and transport systems.

The optimal interaction of all systems can only be achieved where automation, intelligent warehouse management and higher-level control technology are used. All sequences are completely automated, from the delivery and goods receipt to the storage and up to the requirements calculation, preparation and insertion into the reel splicers. The automatic disposal of misprinted paper can also be incorporated into our system.

Thus, the AUROSYS modular automation system covers all functions of paper and material logistics in printing works. Due to its modular design, AUROSYS can be enhanced and extended at a later stage, always providing an optimal cost-benefit ratio. It is even possible to incorporate AUROSYS into existing logistics systems and into the manroland workflow management. The core of the AUROSYS system from manroland web systems GmbH is the AUROlog.

AUROlog: material flow control and warehouse management

3D visualisation: paper reel warehouse of a newspaper printer
3D visualisation: paper reel warehouse of a newspaper printer

In a manner similar to the human brain, AUROlog connects the different AUROSYS modules into one comprehensive material supply system. Due to the 3D visualisation and animation of warehouse and transport procedures, the operator has the opportunity of making intuitive interventions into the sequences. The warehouse management system can be operated via drag & drop. The material flow system is connected both with the higher-level production planning and with the process control of the printing machine. The seamless vertical integration is thus guaranteed.

Via interfaces, AUROlog can be connected to external systems such as financing tools or electronic trading systems. The transparency which is thus achieved between the commercial planning level and the field level allows for more flexibility in production and thus increases productivity. A tracking system continuously records all reel and material data and transfers these to a reporting tool for evaluation.

Further modules:

  • AUROroll: Reel transport
  • AUROcut: Reel unpacking station
  • AUROprep: Splicing preparation
  • AUROport: Reel and pallet transport
  • AUROload: Reel splicer loading
  • AUROrack: Intermediate storage
  • AUROwaste: Waste handling
  • AUROstore: High rack store
  • AUROcharge: Automatic truck unloading

Detailed information on the AUROSYS system from our long-standing customer manroland web systems GmbH can be obtained at:

AUROSYS - Material logistics for industrial printing production