Biotechnology Control for Bioreactors: Development, Manufacturing, Testing, and Commissioning from a Single Source

Manufacturers of bioreactors, filtration, mixing, storage, and filling systems receive the complete solution from Eckelmann for controlling individual systems or an entire line.

We see ourselves not just as a supplier but as an experienced partner with a deep understanding of the industry and consulting competence in regulated environments.

As a system supplier, Eckelmann provides complete hardware and software development based on individual system and development platforms.

Foundations include ISO 9001, a comprehensive quality management system, and certifications in regulated environments, such as ISO 13485 for medical technology suppliers, DIN standard 62304 (medical device software), GMP/GAMP 5 processes, and the manufacturing of electrical systems according to CE, UL, and UKCA.

Software Solutions
Digital Twin
Lifecycle Management
Control Cabinet Construction
Worldwide Service

Traceable Processes

This concerns the manufacturing processes for the system itself as well as the production processes run on the system:

  • The specifications and test plans for the system are precisely derived from customer requirements, processed, and documented by Eckelmann engineers.
  • The system uses numerous actuators and sensors to control and monitor production processes and system functions. These monitor pH values, gas flows, and temperatures and are precisely controlled by the Eckelmann automation solution.

These support scaling and flexibility of production capacities while maintaining traceable processes.

Maximum System and Plant Availability

Eckelmann engineers combine IT technology and automation technology. Custom digitalization enables key performance indicator monitoring and analysis, as well as facility optimization – for higher efficiency, planned service, and personnel deployment, and maximum plant availability.

In the development area, the digital twin (FactoryWare Virtual Replica) is used. Simulating test runs and commissioning with the digital twin saves time, travel costs, and engineering hours.

FactoryWare Virtual Replica

Lifecycle and Supply Chain Management

For biotechnology customers, Eckelmann provides software, firmware, and hardware from a single source as a development and service partner.

Product lifecycle management:

  • Project management
  • Documentation
  • Maintaining a suitable test environment
  • Complaint management
  • 24/7 service
  • Spare parts supply
  • Adaptation of HW configuration

Supplier management:

  • Supplier development
  • Qualification
  • Contract management
  • Business continuity

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