Pharmaceuticals The Eckelmann Group: A Lifelong Partner for the Healthcare Industry

From laboratory scale to industrial scale: Eckelmann solutions increase flexibility and productivity in the pharmaceutical industry while reducing costs.

Eckelmann engineers support pharmaceutical manufacturers with expertise and cutting-edge technologies. Automation and digitalization strategies reduce manual efforts, especially in highly regulated areas, and increase the operational and product flexibility of machines and systems.

We deliver complete process control systems and analysis systems.

They also enable and optimize consistent process adherence and documentation. The next step involves automating more complex processes with Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) using modern methods such as AI, process mining, and analytics.

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Adaptable System Integrator

Pharmaceutical machines and systems are expensive, long-term investments that often require extensive validation in their combined operations.

The challenge of modernization often lies in replacing sub-systems while retaining proven existing technology and maintaining regulatory compliance.

Eckelmann is the ideal partner for such complex projects. As a skilled, independent system integrator for hardware and software, Eckelmann can precisely adapt between existing and new systems.

Horizontal and Vertical Coverage

Eckelmann automation solutions span from the interface to the ERP system (connection to corporate IT) through all levels of automation down to the sensor/actuator level.

When Eckelmann engineers integrate IT technology and automation technology, they unlock the enormous potentials of Industry 4.0: Key performance indicator formation and analysis aim at efficiency improvement, high system availability, planned service, and reduced personnel and expert deployment. Additionally, the simulation of test runs and commissioning on the digital twin saves time, travel costs, and engineering hours.

Expert in Regulated Environments

The company specializes in industry-specific regulatory requirements and standards.
The foundation is a comprehensive quality management system and certifications in regulated environments, including:

  • Certification according to ISO 13485 as a supplier for medical device manufacturers
  • The DIN standard DIN EN 62304 (Medical Device Software)
  • Processes according to GMP/GAMP 5
  • Manufacturing of electrical systems according to CE, UL, and UKCA
  • Of course, the Eckelmann Group is certified according to ISO 9001

In collaboration with customers, Eckelmann often takes on outsourced quality monitoring measures or processes, the results of which are detailed in qualification documentation.

Eckelmann teams are committed to the sustainability goals of the United Nations Agenda 2030: health and well-being worldwide.

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