Building Materials, Construction Chemicals, Ceramics Batch Production: Efficient and Precise by Recipe

With Eckelmann FactoryWare® Batch, we offer a software solution for fast-paced dosing and mixing processes for complex facility configurations in the building materials, construction chemicals, and ceramics industries.

From the ERP system to facility control, FactoryWare Batch automates the seamless weighing, dosing, and mixing of bulk goods and liquids using common control technology, independent of the manufacturer. We follow the individual requirements of our customers and their equipment specifications.

In addition, FactoryWare Batch handles the overall control of the production process organized in manufacturing batches, including necessary processes (such as transport processes) and the storage of raw materials and finished products.

Over 500 installations of FactoryWare Batch in various industries worldwide speak for themselves. Our solution modules meet the given technical and regulatory requirements.

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Automation from a Single Source

As a full-service provider for industrial automation and digitalization, Eckelmann engineers offer complex deliveries and services for their automation solutions, independent of the manufacturer: from the design and construction of the complete control system to lifecycle management.

We follow the individual requirements of our customers and their equipment specifications.

With Eckelmann FactoryWare®, we offer all solution modules for bridging the gap between the shop floor and the IT world.

FactoryWare is a solution toolkit for the automation and digitalization of individual machines, production lines, and entire factories. The solution elements are characterized by a deep understanding of manufacturing processes and the vision to make proven automation technology more transparent, intuitive, and autonomous with new technologies.

Horizontal Coverage

The horizontal coverage of Eckelmann automation solutions spans the entire factory: from raw material reception through production/manufacturing to the shipping of the finished product.

The batch processes, including all transport operations, are always under the control of the Eckelmann FactoryWare Batch control system.

Vertical Coverage

The vertical coverage of Eckelmann automation solutions ranges from the interface to the ERP system (connection to enterprise IT) across all levels of automation to the sensor/actuator level.

By integrating IT systems and automation technology, Eckelmann engineers unlock the potential of Industry 4.0: Key performance indicator formation and analysis aim, among other things, at increasing efficiency, high system availability, planned service, and reduced personnel and expert deployment.

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