Control Cabinet Construction Control Cabinets for Machinery and Plant Engineering, Commercial and Industrial Refrigeration

In addition to custom solutions, Eckelmann also handles series production.

In addition to series production of control cabinets, custom solutions up to prototype construction are also possible. Control cabinets can, of course, vary in size.

Within the Eckelmann Group, we realize a wide range: from compact control boxes, the Automation Box, to control cabinets several meters long.

We differentiate between:

  • custom control cabinet construction
  • control cabinets for third-party customers
  • control cabinets for commercial and industrial refrigeration

Custom (Series) Control Cabinet Construction

Eckelmann automation solutions cover everything from the interface to the ERP system (connection to enterprise IT) across all levels of automation down to the sensor/actuator level.

We are a UL-listed control cabinet manufacturer according to UL File E233027 and E507253. Control cabinets are custom designed and produced.

  • Turnkey control cabinets
  • Competent planning and design of control cabinets
  • Optimized parameterization of all components
  • Consideration of mechanical and electronic components
  • Short commissioning time due to pre-configuration and in-house testing
  • Calculation of safety parameters with SISTEMA (IFA)

Expertise in Control Cabinet Construction

As a partner for automation projects, we are your contact for control cabinet construction and retrofitting.

Our range of services includes, on request, the entire process from design through prototype or single-unit production to series production according to your specifications.

Focus on your core competencies — we take care of the control cabinets! By the way, we also offer the creation of circuit diagrams based on a sample control cabinet if you do not have access to current design documents or have not updated changes.

Benefit from our long-standing expertise:

  • High flexibility, short delivery times
  • High industry expertise — even in regulated environments
  • Delivery reliability through production at multiple (inter)national locations
  • Consistently high, tested quality standards
  • Testing field and system simulation; device parameterization and in-house tests
  • Documentation
  • Customer-specific certification of our control cabinet production on request
  • Support during commissioning
  • Spare parts service

Control Cabinets for Commercial and Industrial Refrigeration

Manufacturers and installation companies of refrigeration systems have trusted Eckelmann’s professional control cabinet construction for decades.

The control cabinets for refrigeration systems with Eckelmann Virtus Line or E*LDS technology are used for supermarket refrigeration systems, cold storage, and many other types and applications of refrigeration systems.

Each control cabinet is built to the customer’s specifications and equipped with compound controls, refrigeration controllers, and system centers.
With Virtus Line and E*LDS, Eckelmann offers a highly flexible and robust control system for refrigeration systems plus turnkey MSR complete solutions for commercial and industrial refrigeration, of course also for demanding CO₂ transcritical refrigeration systems.

All parameters can be uploaded locally or remotely. Eckelmann employees draw on a wealth of parameter sets (e.g., for all common refrigerated cabinets) and their experience.

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