Warehouse Management System and Material Flow FactoryWare Logistics: Warehouse and Material Flow Processes Supported by Digital Twin

With FactoryWare Logistics, a 3D representation captures system components, storage objects, and processes in real-time, animating all object movements.

The digital twin is the ideal tool for monitoring and operating the entire system. FactoryWare Logistics also manages and controls the warehouse and material flow processes.

The result: a 1:1 representation of reality. Additionally, status information about system components and storage objects is displayed. This makes it immediately clear if there is a malfunction or which transport order a pallet of goods belongs to, among other applications.

FactoryWare Logistics seamlessly integrates common warehouse and material flow processes with complex processing machines, forming a perfect unit.
Transport orders are received from a superior ERP system, optimally coordinated, and executed. All material movements are tracked and visualized in real-time. Relevant status information is reported back to the ERP system. This ensures transparency and seamless automation in the warehouse.

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Henrik Hubschneider

Henrik Hubschneider
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