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AUROSYS: Material Logistics for Industrial Print Production


Industrial print production without automated material flow is unthinkable. The logistics solution AUROSYS, developed by Eckelmann for the customer manroland Goss, meets these requirements for automated material flow with a modular design and networked concept. The system can be optimally adapted to specific requirements. It covers the entire logistics: starting with automatic truck unloading, the service range extends to storage, unpacking, adhesive preparation of the paper rolls, up to the automatic supply of the roll changers and the disposal of leftover rolls, cores, and waste — optionally including AGV transport.

The Customer

In 2018, manroland web systems and Goss International merged into one company: manroland Goss web systems. Roll offset equipment and service offerings are delivered worldwide. In addition to the company headquarters in Augsburg, manroland Goss web systems has other main locations in North and South America, Asia, Australia, and Europe. Today, manroland Goss web systems is a leading provider of roll offset printing solutions.

Eckelmann’s Performance

  • Control technology for transport systems
  • Control cabinets
  • E-assembly
  • Control software
  • Management system
  • Service
  • Continuous development

Automatic material transport: The paper rolls are delivered to the printing machine by rail, laser, or driverless transport system.


AUROSYS handles the entire material logistics from unloading the paper rolls without manual help to the fully automated preparation for printing. Thanks to the modular design, AUROSYS always offers an optimal cost-benefit ratio and can be expanded and upgraded later.

The modular material flow control includes numerous logical functions, such as goods receipt, warehouse management, warehouse control, control of driverless transport systems, B2B functionality. Graphical interfaces with real-time display enable intuitive operation. Monitoring and reporting functions support management tasks.

AUROlog networks the individual AUROSYS modules into a stable material supply system. Interfaces allow AUROlog to connect to external systems such as financial tools or electronic trading systems.

AUROSYS tracks each roll individually from delivery on its way through the production workflow. A tracking system continuously captures all roll and material data and transmits it for evaluation to a powerful reporting tool.

Paths to the Printing Press
Installations Worldwide

As an automated, customized logistics solution, AUROSYS takes care of automatic truck unloading, storage, unpacking and preparation of the paper rolls for gluing, right through to automatic supply to the reelstands and the disposal of residual rolls, cores and waste paper.

Special Features

  • Just in time delivery
  • Production-oriented material flow system — tailored to this industry
  • Electronic registration, storage / customer assignment / number of rolls per print run / use of leftover rolls
  • Increased productivity through automated logistics
  • Elimination of many manual tasks
  • Low investment volume due to space-saving designs

“With Eckelmann AG, we at manroland Goss have enjoyed 25 years of trusted partnership in the field of automation and paper logistics. There are very few companies worldwide that can deliver such innovative and custom-tailored solutions for the printing industry.”

Franz Kriechbaum, CEO manroland Goss web systems GmbH

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