Steelworks Technology Eliminate Downtime: Using E°ProBAS, the High-Performance Control System for Steelworks and Rolling Mills

For over 30 years, Eckelmann has been an independent automation partner in steelworks technology.

We provide fast control systems for complete multi-stand rolling mills for the production of strips, sheets, and profiles. In addition to the rolling mill, the solution can also include the automation of continuous casting machines, coilers, shears, and other processing machines in the production line, as well as an interface to an ERP system.

Our customized modernization solutions for steel and rolling mills, as well as aluminum plants, enable dynamic innovation processes for the continuous improvement of throughput, quality, and energy efficiency.

Moreover, we are increasingly becoming a service and operational partner, ensuring high availability of solutions through 24/7 monitoring and competent diagnostics of processes, machines, and systems.

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Customized Automation

Our customized automation solutions aim to sustainably improve product quality and productivity.

We use industrial components from leading suppliers such as Siemens, ABB, and GE and are a sought-after Siemens Solution Partner.

Our Technological Control Systems are based on Eckelmann hardware platforms and utilize standardized motion control solutions, PLC controls, or customized controls as needed.

Our comprehensive automation solutions include:

  • Drive technology
  • Basic automation including operator systems
  • Technological Control Systems (TCS) with high computing power and scalability requirements
  • Parts of the overarching process control technology
  • Innovative automation for the smart factory
  • Big data analytics with AI and machine learning for deeper analysis and optimization of the production process

Over 1000 FactoryWare ProBAS systems are successfully in use worldwide, especially in steelworks and rolling mill technology.


E°ProBAS: Control Without Limits

For decades, Eckelmann has met the increased, partly industry-specific regulatory requirements and standards.

The associated software offers many advantages:

  • Multi-platform system
  • Fast control loops under hard real-time conditions
  • Simple upgrades without changes to the application software
  • Integrated system from hardware, operating system, system layer, and application software
  • Various interface options
  • Assumption of data communication tasks and data management

This software toolkit is platform-independent and runs on different hardware platforms.

Importantly, the application software is identical across all platforms. This allows retrofits to be carried out very efficiently and with minimal risk.

Updates on the Digital Twin

With specifications, planning, and engineering, we are your partner for new installations and modernization of rolling mills. We analyze the current state of your system on-site.

To bring solutions to digital maturity, we use simulations on the Digital Twin to ensure a safe and low-risk migration to new systems:

  • Intensive software tests for your system
  • Safe tests of your production system
  • Personnel training before commissioning
  • Introduction of new operating concepts
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