Vision, Image Processing Circular Economy: Strategies for Active Environmental Protection

Camera, lens, and lighting form the basis for high-quality image processing.

Building on this, modern processing algorithms and AI solutions enable the efficient management of containers and packaging in the circular economy.

Image processing is a driver of digitalization. Eckelmann specializes in solutions for the resource-efficient recycling of reusable containers.

Deposit systems used in industries such as food, construction materials, and intralogistics, employ Eckelmann systems for fast detection and quality assurance of reusable containers.

The automated solution for digital detection and counting of reusable containers saves time and money – including increased safety for people and goods.

Containers are detected when folded and stacked on pallets. Here, Eckelmann’s FactoryWare RCD determines the number and types of containers, even with challenging stack quality and unsorted mixtures. Connected online to our customers’ IT systems, the systems transmit in real-time how many and which containers arrive at or leave a location.

In a FactoryWare RCI inspection tunnel, reusable containers are imaged from all sides and analyzed for defects, contamination, and residues. Eckelmann systems ensure that only flawless reusable containers re-enter the cycle.

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Visualize Your Data!

During image capture, data is continuously collected. This data can be analyzed, visualized according to your specifications, and provided worldwide in real-time — for deep insights into manufacturing, processes, and consumption data.

Utilize FactoryWare Analytics for your project!

Eckelmann’s automation solutions range from the interface to the ERP system (connection to enterprise IT) through all levels of automation to the sensor/actuator level.

FactoryWare Analytics

Customized Image Processing Solutions

We determine our customers’ needs and tailor our solutions precisely to their requirements. Camera, lens, and lighting are adjusted to the application.

Many factors must be considered, such as wavelength, angle of incidence, scattering, polarization, and properties of the observed objects (e.g., color, surface reflection, geometry).

Based on this, Eckelmann engineers develop the algorithms and software for evaluating the captured objects, including integration with existing automation or custom IT systems. In close coordination, we provide exactly what our customers need.

Our machine vision experts know what matters, selecting suitable components or developing custom solutions.

Research Project: AI-Optimized Image Processing

Eckelmann successfully completed a high-performance research project for the (further) development of inspection systems. In the process, sophisticated algorithms and AI-optimized image processing were implemented.

Inspection towers were reduced from two to one, significantly increasing the throughput of KEP containers. The number of cameras used was reduced from 18 to 8. An engineering team relied on advanced AI algorithms.

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