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Grain handling, frozen goods, raw materials logistics, distribution: We create customized solutions for the food, beverage, and animal feed industry.

Whether we’re talking about bulk materials like flour, milk powder, pet food, or bottle handling: At over 50 production sites of renowned food, beverage, and animal feed manufacturers, Eckelmann’s automated solutions ensure safe and efficient production operations.

Our solution modules meet the given technical and regulatory requirements.

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Automation for the Entire Factory!

The horizontal coverage of Eckelmann’s automation solutions spans the entire factory: from raw material intake through production to the shipment of the finished product.

The batch processes, including all transport operations, are always under the control of the Eckelmann control system.

The automation is designed to minimize manual interventions, optimizing the reproducibility of quality and productivity.

Compliance in a Regulated Environment

Standards and guidelines like the International Food Standard (IFS) or EC 178/2002 impose high requirements on quality and safety in food production.

Thus, automation systems have an important dual function: They not only execute transport and production processes but also ensure compliance with and documentation of regulatory requirements.

Competence from a Single Source:

  • Quality assurance: seamless tracking of raw materials and products
  • Higher machine and plant availability through KPI monitoring, real-time data collection
  • Data analytics & dashboarding / detailed recording and historization of process data
  • Increased productivity and cost efficiency
  • Parameter and recipe management
  • Goods receipt management and inventory control
  • Technology functions for mixing & dosing
  • Production planning and product tracking across all production steps (tracking & tracing)
  • Technology functions for filling and packaging as well as bulk loading and shipping

Weighing, Dosing, and Mixing

With FactoryWare Batch, we have developed our own control system for the dosing and mixing processes of bulk materials and liquids.

From the recipe to the final product, or: from the ERP system to plant control. Additionally, FactoryWare Batch manages the transport processes in the environment and the overall control of batch processes.

Our expertise: over 500 installations worldwide.

FactoryWare Batch

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