Line Management System for Batch Processes FactoryWare Batch: Software Solution for Dosing and Mixing Processes

Increase productivity and cost efficiency with the FactoryWare Batch software solution — for fast-paced dosing and mixing processes in demanding facility configurations.

From recipe to end product: From the ERP system to facility control. FactoryWare Batch ensures smooth weighing, dosing, and mixing of bulk materials and liquids. Since the involved transport processes are also handled, FactoryWare Batch takes over the overall control of batch processes.

The horizontal coverage of Eckelmann automation solutions extends across the entire factory: From raw material reception through production/manufacturing to the dispatch of the finished product. The ongoing batch processes, including all transport operations, are always under the control of the Eckelmann FactoryWare Batch management system.

The vertical coverage of Eckelmann automation solutions ranges from the interface to the ERP system (connection to corporate IT) across all levels of automation down to the sensor/actuator level. By integrating IT systems and automation technology, Eckelmann engineers unlock the potential of Industry 4.0: Key performance indicator formation and analysis target, among other things,

  • Efficiency increase
  • High facility availability
  • Plannable service
  • Reduced personnel and expert deployment

FactoryWare Batch combines many benefits that often can only be realized through complex software products and extensive integration projects:

  • Recipe management
  • Paperless production
  • Technology functions for mixing and dosing
  • Seamless tracking & tracing of raw materials, intermediates, and finished products
  • Increased error resistance through data analytics: Monitoring and analyzing real-time data of machines and plants
  • Optimized comparability and transparency through unified process controls and harmonized KPI monitoring
  • Increased reproducibility of quality and productivity by reducing manual interventions
  • Simple quality assurance through seamless raw material and product tracking
  • Detailed recording and historization of process data

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