Textiles Automation Technology Boosts Productivity in Textile Processing

For over 25 years, Eckelmann has been an automation partner for OEMs and machine builders in the textile machinery sector.

In collaboration with OEM partners, Eckelmann teams create state-of-the-art automation solutions in the textile industry, such as for cutting and sewing textile materials.

When hearing the word “textile,” one often thinks of fabrics, leather, or clothing. Processing these materials in textile automation also plays a significant role in high-performance materials like mats, fabrics, and weaves made from carbon fibers and their processing.

With new materials come increased demands on machines and, consequently, on automation technology. Understanding the machine, the process, and the material is crucial here. Especially in the field of CNC applications, Eckelmann offers outstanding control solutions that can be expanded with application-specific functions as needed.

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CNC Control Technology

The core of Eckelmann’s automation solution is the in-house developed CNC core, which has been enhanced with textile-specific functions over years of collaboration with customers in the cutting and sewing of textiles.

Textile materials and their precise processing are often crucial for customers’ purchasing decisions, as textiles are often a fashion statement or favorite item – and the processing directly impacts perceived quality.

Machine Vision

Using camera technology and the right machine vision solution can increase the degree of automation for many machines. This is essential, especially in textile processing.

Eckelmann automations often compete with manual material processing in low-wage countries. Those who want to produce and process textiles in industrialized countries must therefore use highly automated machines that work as autonomously as possible.


With intelligent control technology and standardized interfaces for data collection, production facilities can be monitored quickly and easily — a “must-have” for increasing production efficiency.

Eckelmann control technology can forward any machine data via OPC-UA to production management or monitoring systems. This ensures customers have a constant overview of their machine performance.

To optimize networking of entire machine parks and to digitally plan, manage, and monitor production orders, the Eckelmann Group offers the cloud-based Industry 4.0 solution FactoryWare MMS.

FactoryWare MMS

“When Bäumer has a new requirement for the CNC, Eckelmann takes over the implementation! As part of the collaboration, we supply the CNC and PLC control technology for the intelligent foam cutting lines. This includes both standard functions and modifications to the Eckelmann control firmware. Each process has its own technical requirements - the CNC must be able to keep up and adapt accordingly!”

Oliver Elias Sebastian, Senior Sales Manager Automation Products Eckelmann AG

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Oliver Elias Sebastian

Oliver Elias Sebastian
Senior Sales Manager Automation Products

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