3D Printing We are your automation partner for pioneering 3D printing

Regardless of the requirements, Eckelmann is your automation partner for 3D printing.

We successfully embrace the future of 3D printing: as a complete outfitter for

Technically, the material makes no difference: customers can print filament, metal wire, metal powder, granulate, or ceramics.

Exciting for manufacturers of 3D printers is Eckelmann Group’s high competence as an automation partner in the field of CNC.

The Eckelmann CNC, which is also used in milling, turning, cutting, and drilling, along with Eckelmann drive technology and the entire EtherCat periphery, is complemented by the 3D printhead. The customer decides on the technology.

With an open system design, the specialized printer can be expanded with any components and sensors and adapted to individual customer requirements.

Any Size, Any Performance

Our wide range of products covers the requirements for any build space and complexity. From industrial low-cost solutions to professional high-end machines, we automate, for example, small drives controlled by a compact CNC or high-end drive and CNC technology with integrated, certified safety technology.

Software Solutions
Digital Twin
Lifecycle Management
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3D Printers for Material Development

The 3D printer adAM-RD® processes metals and plastics in powder and wire form. A highlight is the subsequent upgrade of the printer with a 160kV X-ray source by the University of Kassel. Upgraded in this way, it is used for the ad hoc development of materials with high repeatability and for 100% control of components, ideal for certified parts.

Component Refinement

The Eckelmann Group brings years of experience in the automation of CNC machining centers for various materials. Whether milling, drilling, cutting, or grinding: With components, automation solutions, individual customer service from the Eckelmann Group, and years of experience, the post-processing of additively manufactured parts is also possible. 


With E°MILL, Eckelmann offers a package for 3D printers that provides solutions for many applications and machine types. It includes all the hardware and software components needed for automation — from control including PLC and HMI to drive technology.

Eckelmann CNC, motion control, and PLC complete solutions are used as control platforms for machine control. Engineering also includes individual HMI design – ideally adapted to the functionalities and requirements of 3D printers.

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