Industrial Automation & Digitalization

As a full-service provider, Eckelmann engineers offer all solutions from a single source: consulting, custom hardware and software, turnkey automation systems, lifecycle management, and smart service.

Intellectual Property

We create exclusive solutions that protect the uniqueness of your know-how.

Regulated Environment

Naturally, we meet industry-specific regulatory requirements.

Eckelmann Digitalization

We program all levels of the automation pyramid — from every level up to the ERP system.


Biotechnology Biotechnology As a specialist for the requirements of biotechnology, Eckelmann offers services and deployments from a single source, with particular expertise in regulated environments. Sheet Metal Processing Sheet Metal Processing As a result of 40 years of continuous development, Eckelmann's CNC control offers one of the most extensive command sets on the market today — specializing in sheet metal processing Chemicals, Petrochemicals Chemicals, Petrochemicals As an experienced partner, we support customers in the (petro-)chemical industry with automation projects, ensuring an added level of safety. 3D Printing 3D Printing Plastic or metal wire, metal powder, concrete, and ceramics: We are your automation partner for high-speed 3D printing — for both single and series production. Energy Management Energy Management Professional energy management of machines and entire systems increases your productivity and conserves valuable resources. Semiconductors, SMT Semiconductors, SMT 30 Years of Experience: Extensive Expertise and Customized Automation Solutions for Processing Technologies in the SMT Sector and Semiconductor Industry. (Intra-)Logistics (Intra-)Logistics We are by your side when you plan a smart, automated factory! We bring extensive industry expertise and integrated hardware and software solutions. Mechanical Engineering, Special Machine Construction Mechanical Engineering, Special Machine Construction Thanks to Eckelmann software, control, and drive technology, our customers are often industry leaders: With hardware and software from a single source — whether batch size 1 or series machine.

Innovations & Applications

Digital Twin Virtual Test Runs and Commissioning Digital Twin Virtual Test Runs and Commissioning Eckelmann teams integrate IT technology and automation technology: With our FactoryWare Data Analytics software, we monitor and analyze key metrics and optimize systems for higher efficiency, scheduled maintenance, and maximum system availability. Significant time-saving potential is focused on simulations with FactoryWare Virtual Replica using the digital twin. Virtualization is based on design data, enabling test runs and commissioning of machines and systems with the digital twin. Proven Expertise At Home in the Regulated Environment Proven Expertise At Home in the Regulated Environment Eckelmann is ISO 9001 certified. Not to mention our company demonstrates quality management and certifications in regulated environments, such as ISO 13485 as a supplier for medical technology, DIN standard DIN EN 62304 (Medical Device Software), processes for GMP/GAMP 5, and the manufacture of products and electrical systems according to CE, UL, and UKCA. Electric Buffering Save up to 40% Energy and CO₂ Emissions! Electric Buffering Save up to 40% Energy and CO₂ Emissions! Energy is a precious resource. Eckelmann addresses this pressing issue with Electric Buffering: Actively reduce the CO₂ footprint of your machines with E°Darc DCB! Our goal is to establish sustainable automation solutions in manufacturing companies. Eckelmann engineers are your partners when you seek custom applications to efficiently recycle electrical energy. E°CUT Solution Package Optimized CNC Control for Cutting Machines E°CUT Solution Package Optimized CNC Control for Cutting Machines Cut more precisely, position perfectly, and manage orders: We present the latest enhancements to our proven software solutions for the E°CUT package — developed to meet your needs! Use E°CUT to put your CNC cutting machines into operation in no time with plug-and-play! The modern E°CUT solution package seamlessly integrates IHT solutions into the E°CUT HMI, the PLC, and the E°EXC89 control system. E°ProBAS Real-Time Control System for Steel Mills E°ProBAS Real-Time Control System for Steel Mills To ensure optimal quality of end products in terms of dimensional accuracy and surface finish, despite fast, multi-stage forming processes, the immense rolling forces and tensile stresses follow precise setpoints. Automated secondary control relies on real-time capable control systems that are far superior to industrial standard systems in performance. Over 1000 E°ProBAS systems are in use in the steel industry worldwide. Virtus Line Digital Solutions for Refrigeration and Building Automation Virtus Line Digital Solutions for Refrigeration and Building Automation The innovative Virtus Caelum apps from Eckelmann open up entirely new ways for remote service digitalization. Virtus Caelum is user-specific and offers, among other things, a very clear display of system parameters. Energy-efficient fine-tuning is easy to implement, and the system provides results in real-time.

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At Eckelmann, industrial processes occur without wasting manpower, raw materials, and energy. In 2023, a photovoltaic system was installed at the headquarters in Wiesbaden, reducing CO₂ emissions by 30%.

At REX Automation Technology GmbH in Erfurt, the solar system generates 50,000 kWh annually. It covers 100% of its own needs and feeds an additional 10,000 kWh into the grid.

5. April 2024


Every year, GMP-PHARMA TECHNICA in Wiesbaden becomes the meeting place for the pharmaceutical industry. At the exhibition for European suppliers, Eckelmann AG will present itself from March 19 to 20 at Stand A29, showcasing high levels of automation and expertise in regulated environments.

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7. November 2023

E°CUT Solutions Optimize Oxy-Fuel Cutting

Eckelmann introduces innovative software solutions for oxy-fuel cutting at the "Schweißen und Schneiden" (Welding and Cutting) trade fair, including fully automatic order management, a rapid program for 3D part creation, and automatic positioning of motorized torch carriages.

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12. August 2023

Eckelmann FCS Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Complete Solutions Provider with High Competence in Automation and Drive Technology: The Herford-based subsidiary Eckelmann FCS offers 50 years of industry experience — particularly in profile and bar processing, window construction, dental technology, concrete printing, and sawing automation.

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