Agricultural Machinery Eckelmann Automates Key Functions of Agricultural Machinery

It has never been more important in agriculture to convert data obtained through digitization into energy-efficient, user-friendly actions and recommendations automatically.

Even today, self-operating implements on agricultural machinery take over key decision-making steps from the user.

The future lies in the direct, local evaluation of sensor data to achieve equal or better results with fewer resources (diesel, fertilizer, pesticides).

A superb foundation for the agriculture of the future is provided by Eckelmann’s mobile, automated control devices.

Currently, they are universally applicable as OEM solutions in series production for fertilizer spreaders and municipal work equipment from Rauch Landmaschinenfabrik.

Equipped with enough computing power, they are also designed to implement sustainable solutions, such as precisely calculating and distributing fertilizer or seeds to specific areas.

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Environmental Detection with Agritech 4.0

Sensors detect positions, areas, and inclinations to calculate the exact need for fertilizer or seeds based on location and provide it to the agricultural machinery control as the target output.

Optimization of Agricultural Processes

Eckelmann solutions enable the collection of machine and environmental data from agricultural machinery.

Based on information such as position, inclination, and speed, a location-based target output can be determined for an optimal application process, which is ultimately carried out automatically.

The Ultimate Goal: More Sustainable Agriculture!

When Eckelmann engineers equip agricultural machinery with automation technology, they enable it to autonomously perform key tasks. With sensors, software, and controls, agricultural processes are optimized and specifications are precisely executed.

In doing so, they contribute to the overarching goal of making agriculture more sustainable by achieving equal or better results with fewer resources!

This is also reflected in the vision of the Eckelmann Group: for a world without waste of labor, raw materials, and energy!

“Harsh working conditions on tractors or municipal machines put control units and operating elements to the test. Whether minus 20° or plus 65°C: The mobile operating and control unit from Eckelmann has proven itself as an OEM solution in series production - including safe and ergonomic one-hand operation.”

Dr. Marco Münchhof, Board Member Eckelmann AG

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