Innovation Automation solutions for the connected world of tomorrow

Eckelmann engineers are passionate technology enthusiasts. They combine pragmatic, goal-oriented thinking with the utmost care, reliability, and sustainable commitment.

Eckelmann engineers are absolute specialists, working and researching with enthusiasm on automation and digitalization to develop cross-industry solutions and proudly implement them worldwide.

In the process, we create exquisite and exclusive solutions, protecting the uniqueness of the customer’s intellectual property (IP).

Tailored digitalization enables monitoring, analysis, and optimization of key performance indicators, machinery, and equipment: for increased productivity, higher efficiency, reduced resource usage, planned service and personnel deployment, and maximum machine and equipment availability.

Additionally, we save time and reduce costs by simulating test runs and commissioning on the digital twin.

On behalf of our customers, we create future-oriented automation solutions. The dedication with which our engineers work for their customers is our unique strength and makes us exceptional.

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