Corporate Responsibility & Sponsoring As the Eckelmann Group, we are committed to the environment and public welfare

As the Eckelmann Group, we are part of the global ecosystem and the local community. Therefore, we are committed to preserving our environment, using resources consciously, and sustainable production.

In addition to our professional duties, we are dedicated to social interaction, aiming for a world without waste of labor, resources, and energy, where discrimination has no place.

Corporate Responsibility wears many hats.

As a company, we make a tangible and measurable contribution to the common good and social cohesion through community engagement and the explicit support of personal commitment, such as volunteer work, in Wiesbaden, at our subsidiaries, and through sponsorships for the world’s poorest.

Together, we face the challenges of our time: a liveable life, equal opportunities, and unrestricted access to education for all!

Fairness, respect, and trust guide how we interact with colleagues, customers, and business partners. These values also guide us when it comes to our company’s social responsibility.

A warm lunch — for hope and education

It has become a tradition — the annual New Year’s donation to “Mary’s Meal.” With just 22 euros, it is possible to provide children in the poorest regions worldwide with a nutritious meal during the school day. “Mary’s Meal” feeds over two million children in 20 countries — and we are happy to contribute!

Playing team sports

Team sports are fun and support a healthy lifestyle. As a company, we support our colleagues’ sports initiatives and the sports community in Wiesbaden.

Since 2005, the companies of the Eckelmann Group have participated annually with several teams in the 25-hour run of the Wiesbadener Sportförderung e. V.. For everyone who participates as a runner, helper, or visitor, it is always a great experience, and we are proud sponsors.

The future lies with the youth — we promote knowledge!

We are always looking for bright minds. We actively seek and promote them through teaching and supporting. The Eckelmann AG has a long-standing partnership with the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (ETiT) at the TU Darmstadt. Eckelmann annually awards a prize for the best degree at ETiT, which a board member presents during the grand graduation ceremony.

Volunteering is valuable!

Fire department, first responders in emergency services, or THW: Many of our colleagues are volunteers, and we support and value their commitment. Time off for training or assignments – even at critical times – is a given. Those interested in volunteer work can find experienced contacts in-house. More information about volunteering can be found at the Hessen Administrative Portal.

STEM: Let your potential bloom!

We are supporting the Wiesbaden Leonardo Award. We are continually inspired by the creativity and skills with which Wiesbaden students implement the projects in this competition. This year, Eckelmann AG’s category is called “Laboratory of the Future” and is aimed at projects in the STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

Against forest decline

Our employees are socially responsible for their homeland. At the REX Automatisierungstechnik GmbH site, for example, 360 trees have been newly planted over the past three years in a forest area near the Thuringian capital of Erfurt to combat forest decline. This action sustainably strengthens team spirit and nature.

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