Eckelmann Group Engineering is our Nature!

Passion and expertise come together under the umbrella of the Eckelmann Group. Nature provides us with excellent templates for the equally unique complexity of our automation solutions: Engineering is our Nature!

Our specialists are engaged and in active exchange with all companies of the Eckelmann Group.

In this strong network, they tackle the challenges of the digital future, master demanding tasks in industrial automation, and leverage outstanding hardware and software potential!

The logo of the Eckelmann Group was inspired by the transition arrows that our engineers work with daily. The forward arrow in the logo stands for power, progress, and innovation.

The Board of the Eckelmann Group

May we introduce ourselves? As the board of the Eckelmann Group, we — Philipp Eckelmann (Chairman), Volker Kugel, and Dr. Marco Münchhof — are supported by a six-member supervisory board led by Hubertus G. Krossa and Dr. Gerd Eckelmann.

As a team, we take responsibility for our employees, exciting customer projects, and sustainable future topics.

We are personally committed to this every day. With growing enthusiasm and passion for engineering!

Philipp Eckelmann

“The Eckelmann Group is a family business! It is part of our culture to talk to each other — about quality, efficiency, and future topics — and to listen to each other. Together, we create sustainable solutions. With quality, productivity, and industry expertise, we give our customers decisive competitive and market advantages.”

Philipp Eckelmann completed his studies in industrial engineering at the Technical University of Darmstadt with a technical focus on control engineering and with specializations in project management, automation technology, and corporate management. He then gained his first professional experience as a management consultant.

As part of the generational change, Philipp Eckelmann was appointed Chairman of the Board on November 1, 2022.

Volker Kugel

“Digital competencies and automation solutions are indispensable for today’s and future business success”, Volker Kugel, knows the machinery and plant engineering industry from many years of professional experience in responsible positions.

Volker Kugel complemented his first degree in mechanical engineering with a second degree in industrial engineering. He had previously completed practical training as a machine fitter.

Together with the employees and his board colleagues, Volker Kugel aims to steer the company towards a digital and automated future. His focus: smarter machines and systems with smart technologies.

Dr. Marco Münchhof

“Germany has no rare natural resources or significant agricultural products. Our resource is ‘know-how’ — and this expert knowledge is exactly what we have at Eckelmann!”

Engineering performance is the resource of the future and the engine of the economy, according to Dr.-Ing. Marco Münchhof. He also studied at the Technical University of Darmstadt, graduating with a degree in engineering and earning a doctorate in the research field of “condition monitoring” at the Institute of Automation Technology.

He completed his Master of Science/SUNY in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at the State University of New York at Buffalo, USA. He joined Eckelmann in 2010 and is responsible, among other things, for the development of the solution portfolios for mechanical engineering.

We are specialists — each in our business, together unbeatable

Internally, we have divided our specialist teams by sectors to optimize our strengths both in exchange with each other and within a department:

Eckelmann AG

Sabine Winkler

Deputy Head of Business Unit Automation Project
Pharma I Biotechnology I Medicine

Oliver Baudson

Head of Business Unit Machine Automation
Member of the Management/Authorized Signatory

Stefan Becker

Head of Business Unit Automation Project
Production I Logistics I Digital Solutions
Member of the Management/Authorized Signatory

Thomas Behr

Head of Business Unit Refrigeration and Building Management Systems
Member of the Management/Authorized Signatory


Matthias Rex

General Manager
REX Automatisierungstechnik GmbH, Germany (Erfurt)

Lars Agricola

Managing Director
REX Automatisierungstechnik GmbH, Germany (Erfurt)

Patrick Chane-Yene

Managing Director
Eckelmann Industrial Automation Co., Ltd., China (Shanghai)

Frank van Beek

Managing Director, Eckelmann FCS GmbH, Germany (Herford)
Head of Central Units, Eckelmann AG, Germany (Wiesbaden)

Leo Schacke

Managing Director
Eckelmann FCS GmbH, Germany (Herford)

Zhongwei Huang

Managing Director
Eckelmann Automation Technology Co., Ltd., China (Shanghai)

Igor Oskroban

Managing Director
Eckelmann Automation Technology Co., Ltd., China (Shanghai)

Dr. Marco Münchhof

Managing Director
Eckelmann IBE Software GmbH, Germany (Wilhelmshaven)

Baudelaire Meli Dountsop

Managing Director
Eckelmann S.A.S., France (Lyon)

Josef Šunka

Managing Director
Eckelmann s.r.o., Czech Republic (Tvrdonice)

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