Discrete Processes Pace-Setting Production with Control Systems

Complex manufacturing processes are broken down into sub-steps that can be executed on individual machines.

The overall process consists of a coordinated sequence of these sub-steps, or in other words, a linkage of the involved machines.
This linkage into a production line requires a conductor who coordinates the interplay of the machines and thereby manages the overall process.

FactoryWare LCS acts as the conductor, handling both data communication tasks and data management. This software toolkit is platform-independent and runs on various hardware platforms.

The core system consists of powerful units connected via broadband communication channels. This allows decentralized computing power to be provided, ensuring fast data exchange.

High Benefits of FactoryWare LCS:

  • Uniform operation of various machines
  • Significant reduction in manual setup and parameterization tasks
  • High manufacturing precision and speed: Increased productivity and quality by avoiding manual interventions and resulting interruptions in the manufacturing process. Precisely pre-calculated parameters for maximum precision
  • Increased productivity through integration with customer ERP software. Production orders are received, optimally coordinated, and executed. All material movements are tracked.
  • Transparency through the consolidation and preparation of process and machine data into meaningful information or KPIs. This information can be used to generate digital life cycles and for process improvement.
  • Easy and remote operation and monitoring through an animated web-based 3D representation of the entire production line (digital twin).

Eckelmann Solution Offers:

  • Vertical and horizontal system integration
  • Interfaces to ERP systems
  • Retrofits and modernization of existing systems
  • Web-based, animated 3D representation of machines and systems for operation and monitoring
  • Tracking & Tracing of raw materials, intermediates, and finished products
  • Data Analytics
  • Engineering, implementation, and customer support

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