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In system integration, independently operating systems, machines, and company facilities are networked into a complete system.

We see ourselves as partners for the planning, development, manufacturing, and commissioning of complex systems, both software and hardware, such as bioreactors.

Hardware and software from a single source: As an independent system integrator, Eckelmann is familiar with all common control and automation platforms (hardware and software). Additionally, we have expertise in highly regulated industries.

With system integration, the Eckelmann Group is the ideal partner for all tasks — both for new developments and retrofits.

Operating costs will be reduced, response times will be improved, and it is ensured that production data is available when needed.

System integration can also provide the basis for delivering decision-making aids for the technical and economic optimization of ongoing processes. At the same time, comprehensive smart systems contribute to achieving sustainable corporate goals.

Manufacturing of Complete and Partial Systems

The goal of system integration at Eckelmann is ideal processes to increase productivity, improve quality, and create transparent, traceable workflows:

  • Planning and development from prototype to zero series to series production
  • Control solutions for (production) machines and equipment, such as bioreactors
  • Automation solutions for complete systems from field level to ERP systems

Streamlining Supply Chains

Purchasing without detours: As a general provider, Eckelmann takes responsibility for supplier management beyond the manufacturing of complete systems — if necessary, also across borders:

  • Supplier development
  • Qualification
  • Contract management
  • Business continuity

Product Lifecycle Management

Companies primarily focus on cost reduction and quality improvement in system integration. Eckelmann covers the entire product lifecycle management:

  • Project management
  • Documentation
  • Maintaining an appropriate test environment
  • Complaint management
  • 24/7 service
  • Spare parts supply
  • Adjustment of hardware configuration

From production to the ERP system

Eckelmann covers the respective requirements of the automation pyramid with specific systems and technologies at every level.

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