Embedded Solutions A Combination of Hardware & Software: Where Standard Won't Suffice

Where automation tasks cannot be solved with our standard products, we develop and manufacture custom systems with unique features.

In the development of electronic hardware and software, we focus on tailored solutions to avoid overly complex standard systems.

This ensures that our customers receive precisely the functions and performance they need without unnecessary complexity or cost. This allows for more efficient use of resources and higher customer satisfaction.

Special requirements can be diverse:

  • Space constraints
  • High demands on environmental conditions
  • Special digital or analog interfaces
  • Design-to-cost for high-volume applications

We offer our customers everything from one source:

  • Development of hardware: electronics, housing technology, displays
  • Development of software: embedded software development for hard real-time requirements, as well as service tools and user interfaces
  • Obsolescence management

Hardware Development

Since its founding, the development of industrial electronics has been a cornerstone of Eckelmann and part of our DNA. While our devices in the early years were built with many discrete components, today the CPU (typically ARM or x86) with its entire ecosystem is at the center.

However, a complete new development is not always necessary. We can also customize or extend our existing product range to meet specific customer needs. This creates the ideal symbiosis of existing and tailored solutions.

We have extensive circuit libraries in the areas of digital and analog circuitry, modern power electronics, various interfaces such as Ethernet, EtherCAT, USB, CAN, etc., wireless technologies like WLAN, GSM, LORA, Zigbee, and display technology.

On request, we also handle the mechanical design, for example, for housings. We are comfortable in regulated environments and develop both in the area of functional safety (EN 61508, EN 62061, EN 13849-1, EN 61800-5-2) and medical technology (ISO 13485).

Since we also manufacture the products ourselves, we can optimize our products for ideal manufacturability during development and prepare the production-accompanying tests in parallel. The close integration of development and production has also greatly helped us during the component crisis.

Our task force consisting of development, production, purchasing, and key account management could quickly respond to procurement problems and find solutions to ensure delivery capability.

Software Development

No hardware without software — that’s why we also handle software development for our customers. We not only master embedded programming considering hard real-time requirements but also general-purpose platform programming, for example, for applications and tools on standard PCs.

Our portfolio also includes the development of web-based solutions and the collection and evaluation of data in the cloud.

In many cases, our customers see their core expertise in the development of the algorithms that run on the devices. In this case, we develop collaboratively. Eckelmann provides the real-time operating system and software interfaces to control the hardware. We also set up the entire development toolchain for the customer. The customer develops the application itself and can bring in their core expertise here.

Operating should also be fun, which is why we employ our own UX designers at Eckelmann. Together with our customers, we can develop an ideal operating concept for the respective application. We are also happy to implement this technically into a corresponding user interface.

Throughout the Entire Product Lifecycle

Eckelmann accompanies customers as a development and manufacturing partner from the initial idea to series production. We support our customers with joint workshops, requirement definition, and functional descriptions already in the concept phase. During pre-development, development, and prototyping, the final series product is created. We handle the development of hardware and software, as well as documentation, and ensure compliance with all relevant standards.

Our prototypes are also manufactured on the later series machines, ensuring optimal manufacturability during development. This allows for a quick ramp-up in series production.

We are accustomed to customers ordering products over periods of 20 years or more and wanting to have devices repaired. We proactively conduct obsolescence management for you. When we recognize that components will no longer be available in the future, we can carry out redesigns or strategic stocking to ensure long-term availability.

We also repair devices as long as we can procure the components on the market. This ensures long-term (spare part) availability and also conserves the environment.

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