Energy Management Automation enables sustainable energy management

Together with you, we develop a concept for energy management — so you can actively save through automation!

In times of increasing demands for sustainability, transparency regarding relevant energy consumers is a primary concern.

Professional energy management for machines and systems increases your efficiency and conserves resources. Companies are required to present measures to improve sustainability.

If these measures are also economically viable, the choice is easy. Energy storage systems can address this task in several ways.

Through 24/7 data transparency along your entire value chain, we optimize your planning, increase system availability, and generate a lasting competitive advantage!

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Data Analytics: Optimized Production Processes

Use FactoryWare Analytics for intelligent evaluation of your machine data to

  • make decisions based on solid facts
  • assess throughput and energy requirements
  • identify correlations

With FactoryWare Analytics, we offer you a tool to quickly and cost-effectively enter the world of digital analysis. From here, it is the ideal basis for networking and analysis at higher levels.

FactoryWare Analytics

Energy Recovery and Peak Shaving

Reduce energy consumption and optimize your carbon footprint: Stored braking energy helps increase efficiency – use it to maximize your productivity. Ideal for absorbing energy peaks caused by frequent deceleration processes.

Peak shaving allows high power levels with lower grid supply during machine startup, among other applications.

With E°Darc DCB, you make an important contribution to energy recovery within energy management to avoid energy peaks in the long term.

E°Darc DCB

Digital Twin: Assigning Energy Consumption to Products

Virtual twins have the same properties as real models. With the Digital Twin, innovative visualization, and continued digitalization, we research and develop electronic components and platforms for an energy-efficient and smart future.

Leverage this potential for your energy management: With FactoryWare Virtual Replica, you can optimize your energy management. We capture and document energy amounts used and identify energy-intensive production steps. This transparency is crucial for CSR reporting and the precise tracking of “Scope 3” emissions, essential for sustainable business processes.

FactoryWare Virtual Replica

“Machines and systems must become increasingly efficient in the future. Our DCB energy storage systems help you significantly reduce the energy consumption of your machines and greatly reduce peak loads. This not only curbs energy demand but also creates competitive advantages for machine and plant engineering.”

Leo Schacke, Managing Director Eckelmann FCS GmbH

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