Energy Storage

Stored braking energy helps to increase efficiency – use it to maximize your productivity and efficiency.

Ideal for capturing energy peaks through frequent braking operations. The energy storage unit is space-saving and easy to install in the control cabinet and can be connected via the DC link of your drives.

The benefits of the E°Darc DCB system at a glance:

  • The compact DC link capacitor modules E°Darc DCB can temporarily store electrical energy generated during the braking of regenerative drive controllers. This allows the drive system to use the stored energy for the next acceleration process, significantly reducing the energy needed from the power supply.
  • Additionally, load peaks can be significantly reduced through a corresponding precharge option, known as “peak shaving.” E°Darc DCB energy storage provides an efficient way for manufacturing companies to significantly reduce their connected loads and achieve their sustainability goals.
  • No more fluctuations in the house grid due to regenerative units that can negatively affect the grid voltage. Eckelmann offers a wide range of energy storage modules for drive controllers from 4 – 300 kW.
  • Optional integrated control unit for parameterization and evaluation of process data

Contact us: We are happy to offer you an application-specific design and measurement of your axes.

E°Darc DCB – the energy saver

DC Link Energy Storage

  • Manufacturer-independent energy storage module for the drive DC link
  • Brake energy recovery (KERS) and peak shaving
  • Ready-to-connect system
  • Capacity up to 500 mF
  • Optional integrated precharge and discharge circuit
  • UL compliant for the international market (UL 61800-5-1)
  • CE certified according to the current Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU
  • Operational data acquisition for energy management according to ISO 50001

Technical documentation (E°EDP registration required):