The CNC core of Eckelmann incorporates over 40 years of experience in machine automation. The E°CUT solution for complete automation of laser, plasma, oxy-fuel, and waterjet cutting builds on decades of development work.

The functionality of the E°CUT solution covers all the standard functions of the various cutting technologies available on the market and, in many cases, goes beyond them.

The heart of every E°CUT package is the Eckelmann control hardware EXC88x or EXC89, including Eckelmann’s own CNC core. The solution includes a fully programmed and tested PLC application that requires no further programming.

Different machine configurations can be realized by the machine builder purely through configuration.

The E°CUT HMI serves as the user interface for the machine operator, guiding them intuitively and easily. For the OEM, the E°CUT HMI is used to configure the solution, as a tool for commissioning the machine, and as a service tool throughout the machine’s lifecycle. Remote access is available if needed.

CAD/CAM functionality is, of course, not missing. With the E°CAM CAD/CAM system, we offer E°CUT as an extended solution that adapts to your machine type and your requirements. E°CAM is available both at the machine and for a separate workstation.

The E°CUT solution is rounded off by the scalable drive technology of the Eckelmann Group, as well as industrial panel PCs. Impress as an OEM with a modern user interface for your machine, embedded in a high-quality touch panel.


Fast and secure to the goal! For simple series machines, E°CUT ECO offers the perfect entry into the E°CUT world.

  • Predefined machine configurations simplify commissioning
  • All I/Os are available on the controller and can be wired immediately
  • Drive technology can be quickly and easily connected via EtherCAT
  • If needed, E°CUT ECO can be expanded with additional functionality through two extension modules

Technical Documentation (E°EDP registration required):


Maximum flexibility without programming effort! Machines with up to 12 cutting heads, bevel cutting, marking, and drilling. All on one machine — with E°CUT PRO, no problem.

  • E°CUT PRO adapts to your needs and grows with your requirements
  • As the machine becomes more complex, more I/O modules are connected to the controller as needed. E°CUT PRO automatically detects this and dynamically adjusts to your new requirements

Technical Documentation (E°EDP registration required):