Receiver Module & Wireless Sensors

Wireless Sensor Technology Not Just for Supermarkets

With Virtus Line or E*LDS, customers can monitor and document all temperatures measured within the system.
Where additional measurement points not required for regulation need to be included in temperature monitoring, Eckelmann’s wireless sensor system is the perfect addition.

The system is also used independently of supermarket technology, for example, to monitor temperatures in blood banks or industrial companies.

Receiver Module WR 300

The wireless sensor system consists of digital wireless temperature sensors TS 30 (X)W with data logger function and a receiver module. The WR 300 receiver module for up to 100 sensors is integrated into ELDS via CAN-Bus.
The wireless sensor system automates tasks related to temperature monitoring and is used in a wide range of applications.

Technical Documentation (E°EDP registration required):

WR 300
Wireless Sensors TS 30 W / TS 30 XW

For wireless temperature measurement. Integration into the ELDS system is via the WR 300 receiver module.

Technical Documentation (E°EDP registration required):

TS 30 W / TS 30 XW