E°MILL is an HMI and PLC industry solution for machining centers, providing answers for various use cases and machine types. It includes all the software and hardware components needed for automation: from E°MILL HMI including PLC, CNC control to drive technology.

With the E°MILL HMI, customers receive a modern, perfectly tailored user interface to the technology. Customer-specific options and various correction possibilities to increase precision are implemented and customizable thanks to its modular structure.

According to the machine’s requirements, the E°EXC control system, with its modular structure, is open for adjustments and expansions — including individually expandable I/Os and optional safety control.

Customers receive the optimal automation package from a single source: from the simple 3-axis machine to the complex multi-axis machining center with an individual number of axes on up to 8 NC channels and special kinematics. Our powerful, self-developed CNC core offers all functions for almost any application.

E°MILL is ready for the digital factory hall, thanks to extensive operating data acquisition with standard protocols such as OPC UA and MQTT. This enables customers to create extensive databases and evaluations according to their individual needs.


The E°MILL ECO package offers the perfect entry point for your simple production machine with a combination of PLC and HMI interface.

The predefined machine configurations simplify commissioning.

All I/Os are available on the controller and can be wired immediately.

Drive technology can be quickly and easily connected via CanOpen or EtherCAT.


Maximum flexibility without extensive additional programming. Machines with up to 5 simultaneously interpolating axes and predefined functions for your applications in areas such as milling, drilling, or 3D printing.

E°MILL PRO adapts to your needs and grows with your requirements.

As the machine becomes more complex, more I/O modules are connected to the modular control system of the EXC89 as needed.