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With “Virtus Line,” we present a new product line that will eventually replace the E*LDS product line.

It includes hardware and software for the automation of refrigeration systems, cooling cabinets, and cold storage rooms. Under the “Virtus Line” product line, you will find the Virtus Pro, Virtus Caelum, and Virtus Tectum Grid product series.

“Virtus Pro” stands for the hardware products: Virtus 5/ VPC 5000/ VCC 500/ VDD 500, as well as expansion modules for custom adaptation of refrigeration system functions.

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Service Hotline: Weekdays from 9 AM to 3 PM for all topics related to Eckelmann control and regulation systems for refrigeration systems, supporting service technicians and system planners.

Repair Service: For defective devices from Eckelmann’s production in Wiesbaden. We inspect for a flat fee, which may be offset against the repair price. Costs available upon request.

Training: Our training and workshops for service technicians are offered in-house, at your location, or online.

Commissioning and/or Planning Support: Details and prices available upon request.

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