Image Processing

Our machine vision team provides expert advice on selecting the right components for your vision solution

The Eckelmann portfolio ranges from cameras and optics to lighting, industrial PCs, and image processing software. We also handle the integration into your application, as well as the configuration and programming of the image processing system.

If you need additional components, we are happy to develop a future-proof and vendor-independent overall solution for you.

The selection of appropriate lighting technology and optics has a significant impact on image quality and what image processing algorithms can make visible and recognize in the captured images.

Therefore, optics and lighting should always be precisely matched to the application. Many factors need to be considered, such as wavelength, angle of incidence, scattering, polarization, and the properties of the observed objects (such as color, surface reflection, geometry).

Our machine vision experts know what matters and select the appropriate standard components or develop custom image processing solutions.