Refrigeration Controllers

Our refrigeration technology team provides expert advice on selecting the right components for your refrigeration system

The intelligent refrigeration controllers ensure optimal operation at the local cooling point, whether it is a refrigerated cabinet or a cold room. Connected via the CAN-Bus system with compound control and central system, the refrigeration controller significantly contributes to the optimal operation of the entire system.

VCC 500
  • The VCC 500 refrigeration controller is downward compatible and recommended as a multifunctional, significantly more powerful replacement for the UA 300 and UA 400 series refrigeration controllers. The VCC 500 offers, for the first time, the ability to integrate various control systems within a market through two Modbus interfaces, supporting creative and flexible equipment setups.
  • Due to its technical capabilities, it is conceptually designed for refrigeration cabinet manufacturers to integrate their own algorithms into the controller, in addition to the standard software, allowing them to specifically influence control behavior and energy consumption. The intellectual property of manufacturers is always protected.
  • The integrated intelligent function for learning the load state of the refrigeration point, the adaptive control method for dynamic suction pressure adjustment E*COP+, and other valuable functionalities known from the UA series are also present in the VCC 500.
  • The VCC 500 can control and regulate two refrigeration points 100% independently. This significantly contributes to resource conservation. Combined with the longevity of Eckelmann products (failure rate significantly below one percent), Eckelmann offers the most sustainable control system in the industry.
UA 400 Series

Refrigeration controllers of the UA 400 series.
The UA 400 series is backward compatible and a significantly more powerful replacement for the UA 300 series refrigeration controllers. For configuration and parameterization, we recommend the PC software LDSWin or the control devices of the BT 300 series. The following controllers are available:

  • UA 400 – Universal controller for thermostatic expansion valves (TEV)
  • UA 410 D – Controller for discount markets and thermostatic expansion valves (TEV)
  • UA 400 E / UA 401 E / UA 410 E – Controllers for electronic expansion valves (EEV)
  • UA 410 L – Temperature recording controller, meets EU Regulation 37/2005
  • UA 412 S / UA 413 S – Controllers for semi-plugin refrigerated cabinets

Technical Documentation (E°EDP registration required):

UA 400 Series
UA 213 S SemiPlugin

The UA 213 S refrigeration controller is suitable for controlling and monitoring semi-plugin cabinets. The refrigeration controller consists of a CPU board and a power board, which are connected via a flat ribbon cable and must only be operated when mounted in a housing.

Technical Documentation (E°EDP registration required):

UA 213 S
UA 30 Series

The compact controllers UA 30 RC and UA 30 RS for DIN rail or control panel mounting complete the range of refrigeration controllers. They are equipped with a Modbus interface for networking and connection to the central system or market computer and can also be operated as standalone units. Defrosting can be triggered by interval defrosting or external defrost command. The following controllers are available:

  • UA 30 RS – For control panel mounting
  • UA 30 RC – For DIN rail mounting

Technical Documentation (E°EDP registration required):

UA 30