FactoryWare Analytics Analyze data, increase value creation, and secure processes with FactoryWare Analytics

By connecting your machine to our FactoryWare Analytics software, we capture all data and provide it either “on-premise” or in cloud-based applications.

Technical systems and machines generate large amounts of data. To turn collected system data into actionable information, it is necessary to store, process, and analyze the captured information.
The goal: to increase value creation on the customer side and ensure process reliability.

These competencies form the foundation for the use of Industry 4.0 solutions, IIoT systems, machine learning algorithms, and subsequent automation. This task leverages our extensive know-how and the use of software products.

Our in-house developed FactoryWare Data Analytics software enables tailored digitalization, and upon customer request, we also integrate other available software products into digitalization solutions.

Our strength lies in process management

The Eckelmann software enables monitoring of processes based on predefined OEE performance, fault monitoring, predictive maintenance, and sustainable energy management using machine data.

Whether in live operation or for historical data analysis: The software creates a digital data representation of your system and helps uncover hidden potential. FactoryWare acts as an additional module, fully independent of HMI, SCADA, or MES software from other manufacturers.

  • Of course, FactoryWare Data Analytics can be connected to MES systems.
  • As a control center, Data Analytics monitors the system in real-time.
  • Quantities, machine status lights, error messages, OEE display, as well as recipe and product data, help operators make the right decisions and generate transparent data.
  • Recorded data can be evaluated at any time using the software.
  • Data Analytics also functions as a BDE system, ensuring product traceability, quality monitoring, and high system availability.

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Henrik Hubschneider
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