FactoryWare Logistics Enhance Efficiency with FactoryWare Logistics for Throughput and Just-in-Time Material Provision

Warehouse Management and Material Flow Control: FactoryWare Logistics offers seamless material tracking for comprehensive warehouse management.

The interfaces to the higher-level ERP system and the lower-level conveyor systems are generic, flexible, and open. There are proven interfaces to a variety of different systems:

  • Stationary belt/roller/chain conveyors
  • Lifts
  • Storage and retrieval machines
  • Automated guided vehicles
  • Palletizing robots
  • Including control technology for conveyor systems

Benefits of FactoryWare Logistics

  • Vendor independence in system selection
  • Digital life cycles of all goods and batches
  • Transparency through the digital twin
  • Retrofits and modernizations
  • Connection to ERP systems

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Henrik Hubschneider

Henrik Hubschneider
Head of Sales
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