Product Innovations at FMB, EuroBLECH, and SPS

Reduce Consumption and Compensate for Peak Loads

The new E°Darc DCB energy storage modules from Eckelmann FCS are the ideal add-on for greener drive technology in production machines and systems. Application-optimized and scalable for inverters up to 250 kW, easy to handle, and maintenance-free: With electric buffering and brake energy recovery, energy is saved and peak loads are significantly reduced (peak shaving) — particularly in forming technology (especially servo presses) or other energy-intensive applications with generally high peak loads and/or many processing cycles.

Herford, 30.09.2022: How can untapped energy-saving potential in the DC link be utilized? Eckelmann FCS now introduces easily scalable energy storage solutions for this purpose. The new E°Darc DCB modules are available for capacities from 8 to 160 mF and are designed for continuous current up to 300 Aeff. Inverters with a power of up to 250 kW are supported. The broad product family enables tailored solutions precisely matched to the application, and the fully pre-wired modules can also be easily integrated into existing machines. The storage modules can be operated in combination with standard inverters with a three-phase mains connection and with DC link voltages up to 900 VDC. The energy storage units are compatible with a wide range of drive systems on the market and can therefore be easily retrofitted into existing systems. Thanks to the data interface to common energy management systems, the benefits of the energy storage units can be transparently analyzed and documented.

Energy Recovery Saves Up to 40 Percent Energy

The energy storage units avoid high peak loads (peak shaving), reduce energy costs by up to 40 percent depending on the application, and thus reduce the CO₂ footprint. The modules are fully pre-wired, finger-safe (IP 10B), UL-compliant, and flexibly scalable for various industrial applications.
The capacitor-based DC link storage modules are used for the short-term storage of electrical energy generated by regenerative drive controllers when braking drives. The storage units provide the energy for the next acceleration process to the drive system, significantly reducing the energy required from the power supply. This effectively smooths out peak loads.

Energy Storage as an Ideal Add-On for Servo Presses

The E°Darc DCB modules can be used, for example, to store the braking energy of large drives in production lines. As initial use cases, such as servo presses in forming technology or short-cycle presses demonstrate, the investment in energy storage pays off quickly. The energy storage units ensure an overall lower energy supply and a constant energy demand. Other applications include packaging machines, machining centers, or generally dynamically reversing applications — wherever there are constant braking and acceleration processes or machines with short cycle times.
Eckelmann FCS advises its customers on the optimal configuration of the energy storage units based on a precise energy analysis of the individual application. Even in existing machines, significant untapped savings potentials can often be realized with minimal effort.