Economical and Safe: Blister Machines

Automated Medication Dispensing


Modern blister machines package up to 700 different medications, such as tablets or capsules, individually for each patient.

This can improve correct intake according to the therapy plan even with complex medication schedules, resulting in higher treatment adherence.

This also protects people with dementia or chronically ill patients with multiple medications from incorrect intake. This is a service that can be utilized by hospital pharmacies, or large pharmacies that supply nursing homes.

Eckelmann’s Performance

  • Eckelmann’s range of services includes its own standard automation components such as control and drive technology, industrial PCs, safety, and image processing.
  • Customized hardware and software development.
  • The offering is completed by in-house hardware manufacturing.

700 individual drives ensure that up to 700 different medicines, such as tablets or capsules, can be individually packaged for each patient in the blister machine.

Machine / Application

In a blister machine, up to 700 medications are individually assembled for each intake time using just as many individual drives in so-called blisters (visual packaging).

These are small plastic bags with the sealed medications, rolled up into a tube and placed in a dispenser. The patient tears off the front bag at each intake time and takes the medications from the easy-to-open blister — a benefit for patients with limited hand mobility.

The medication supply can be handled more economically and safely with the blister machine. The bags are individually printed with batch information and instructions for correct intake. This ensures the patient knows exactly what to do, and seamless and transparent traceability is ensured.

700 Medications
700 Individual Drives
Development Time
4 Months

Special Features

  • In the pilot version, Eckelmann built a functional prototype using standard control technology. With this prototype, the customer could test their self-developed software early on.
  • Within just four months, Eckelmann developed the custom control system including extensive IO functions.

“As an experienced specialist in the field of industry-specific regulatory requirements and regulations, we have grown with our customers. With customized automation, high-tech, and AI, we create the highest level of cost efficiency for the pharmaceutical industry.”

Sabine Winkler, Deputy Head of Business Unit Automation Project Eckelmann AG

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