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CNC Control and Machine Software for Depaneling Systems


For the current DIVISIO product line, a high-end depaneling system, ASYS Automation Systems GmbH relied on the long-standing cooperation with REX Automation Technology that has been successful since 1999.
REX AT provides the CNC control technology for DIVISIO and also developed the entire machine software.

The Customer

For over 30 years, ASYS Automation Systems GmbH has been developing and delivering automated production machines in the fields of electronics, life science, and energy as a key planner and global company. “Transforming Ideas” is ASYS’s vision. The goal is to proactively embrace future-oriented trends for intelligent automation, key technologies, and robotics, to provide creative impulses, and to (re)invent forward-looking solutions.

Eckelmann’s Performance

REX AT not only provides the hardware for the CNC control technology but also takes responsibility for developing the complete machine software:

  • PLC development including CNC functionality
  • HMI: Development of an intuitive user interface
  • Digitalization: Implementation of the digital twin into the user interface
  • Supply of hardware from the Eckelmann Group:
    CNC control E°EXC 89 including IO system, safety control E°SLC 89, industrial box-PC
  • Additionally, REX AT provides the camera system including image processing software.
    The image processing performs:

    • Setting the zero points of tools and products
    • Recognition of reference marks on the circuit board and correction of the position offset
    • Reading the product ID (DMC)
    • AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection), quality control of the cut edges

The depaneling system of the DIVISIO series combines milling with a pick and place application to load the separated circuit boards into a magazine or pass them on to a downstream machine. The REX Automation Technology team supplies the hardware for the CNC control technology and develops the complete machine software from a single source.

The Machine

The depaneling system of the DIVISIO series is a combination of a milling machine for separating individual circuit boards from a panel and a machine that loads the separated circuit boards into a magazine or transfers them to a downstream machine using a pick and place method.

The ASYS innovation from CNC processing machine and handling machine:

  • with many modules and different machine configurations
  • with up to 24 axes
Installed Machines
Machines with up to
24 axes
High modularity with up to
70 options
Automated production systems
30 years

The Eckelmann Group has specialized in CNC technology for over 40 years.

Special Features

  • The commissioning takes place virtually through the use of the digital twin. This reduces the commissioning time on the real machine and consequently its costs.
  • New product setups are also carried out with the help of the digital twin. This way, a virtual test can be conducted in advance, and a cycle time simulation can be performed.
  • During ongoing machine operation, optimized support is enabled in the event of service through remote access and with the help of the digital twin. Automatically generated log files form the basis for analyzing machine situations with the digital twin.

“The use of the digital twin proved to be extremely effective in this doubly challenging task: We supplied the CNC, IO control technology, IPC, camera technology and the entire machine software for the ASYS DIVISIO depaneling product range and actively reduced time and costs. The constantly growing range of functions of our products helps ASYS and REX AT to further strengthen their market position.”

Lars Agricola, Managing Director REX Automatisierungstechnik GmbH

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